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FedEx Delivery Times: Shipping Rates, and Service Options

FedEx is one of the leading shipping services in America, and they offer competitive rates. One thing that many people are curious about when it comes to FedEx delivery times is how long does it take for a package to be delivered from different cities? Here at Shipping Times, we have researched shipment data to find out the average time for shipments from all 50 states.

FedEx is a well-known shipping company that has been around since 1971. They have established themselves as a reliable and trusted brand throughout the world, but they also offer many other services such as freight forwarding, international deliveries, and courier services. In this blog post we will cover some of their shipping timings and delivery rates for those interested in using FedEx to ship items domestically or internationally.


Can I predict FedEx to deliver my package on a specific date? How much time would it take FedEx to deliver my package to my home? FedEx delivers on its promises. However, FedEx will typically deliver your merchandise within two days of when it  shipped. This depends on when the goods sent out. You may reach FedEx at 1-800-463-3339.

How to know when your package will be delivered?

Do you have any idea when your shipment will  deliver? No need to be concerned! Simply contact any of the FedEx Express Services in the United States. They will not, however, make deliveries if they are outside of their delivery zone. You can track FedEx delivery times from anywhere in the globe by downloading the FedEx app and using your e-mail or phone to open it.

All you have to do is follow the directions on your phone. FedEx shipment updates are also available on the website. Apple users may also download the delivery company’s iOS app. When you are close to the pickup site, the app will display all updates on your shipment.

What does it cost to deliver a package?

For anyone who has ever had to ship a package and wished they would just deliver it themselves, you can appreciate the fact that certain companies offer services for home delivery. Following the steps below will allow you to determine how much it costs to deliver a FedEx package.

1.Visit . It’s also a good idea to check for any discounts or special promotions.

2. Enter the package’s weight, dimensions and check its packaging, as well as what FedEx service you need.

3. Click “Calculate” and FedEx will output a price estimate of how much it would cost to deliver your FedEx package.

4. Add in any FedEx surcharges or FedEx hazardous material fees, if applicable. For a comprehensive list of  FedEx service options and their associated prices visit the FedEx site.

FedEx Rates

FedEx delivery times for various parts of the United States Section. is the best place to go if you want to know when FedEx will deliver your item at a certain time. A dashboard will appear where you can locate the tracking numbers for your item. After that, you’ll receive a snapshot of your package’s delivery status.

It is possible to grab a snapshot of the tracking number from an online merchant and then enter it into FedEx’s Delivery Website search field. From there, you’ll have the choice of visiting or the FedEx app to monitor your FedEx.

Does FedEx Deliver on Sunday?

FedEx will deliver parcels and documents on Sundays in some areas for an additional charge. The fee varies depending on the delivery location and package weight. Parcels that need to deliver by a specific time should still receive the same time-sensitive priority service as any other day of the week. However, if the package  not time-sensitive, it may delivered on any day of the week for an additional fee.

The additional Sunday delivery charge may also apply to packages that weigh more than 150 pounds and/or measure more than 108 inches in combined length and girth (measurements taken in a line around the long side or diagonal of the package).

FedEx does not provide Sunday delivery service to all locations. Check with FedEx to determine if this service is available in your area.

FedEx Faster Delivery Services:

Everyone enjoys the excitement that comes with getting a gift in the mail. Unexpected deliveries on the other side might lead to consumer discontent and negative consequences.

With FedEx’s customized delivery options, you can make sure the person receiving your item is happy. There is no doubt that all of these options cost more than FedEx Ground.These services may  worth the extra cost if your consumers  really enthusiastic about your items.

For packages and envelopes, FedEx offers the following domestic services:

 1-FedEx Same Day: If you choose this option, your cargo will be delivered on the same day that you place your order. Some international regions do not have this choice. It is possible to receive a refund in any other situations where delivery does not come the same day.

2-FedEx Same Day City:  Same-day delivery within a certain metropolitan region is assured.

3-FedEx Overnight: On the following day, your order is assured to be delivered before 9:30 AM. The assured delivery window extended to 2 PM in distant locations.

4-FedEx First Overnight: Overnight in a more affordable package. When ordering before 10:30 AM, delivery assured, as well as delivery before 5 PM in distant regions.

 5-FedEx Standard Overnight: For less, you may get overnight delivery without a guarantee. The delivery should arrive before 8 p.m. on the next day in most cases.

6-FedEx 2 Day: Within two days, anywhere in the world.

 7-FedEx 2 Day AM: As long as it’s delivered in the 50 states by 10:30 AM on the second day of travel.

 8-FedEx Express Saver: Delivery within three business days is guaranteed. Deliveries arrive on the third day before 4:30 p.m. Unless in isolated places.

Is FedEx providing 24-hour service on the same day?

If your shipment is qualified for same-day delivery, FedEx does offer same-day service. An approved FedEx customer can choose a FedEx Same Day service for shipments delivered to addresses in the 48 contiguous United States. Monday through Friday, items can  deliver the same day.

 What should you do if your parcel is delayed.

Allow me start by saying that your package will not lose. Any delays in delivery service by FedEx and communicate to customers. As a result, your shipment will arrive at its destination with plenty of time to address any problems that may have arisen.

FedEx Office image

Visit the FedEx website to place an order for a FedEx package delivery. In the Customer Service section, you will find the opportunity to follow the movement of your shipment until it reaches you. You may monitor it for 24 hours, 7 days, or up to 5 business days from the point of delivery, whichever comes first. There are a wide variety of delivery points available such as retail stores and offices as well as UPS hubs and customer support centers.

What to do if your parcel gets lost:

If you don’t receive packages, It’s possible that the shipment  abandoned at a shipping center. In some cases, a wrong address may  use in the delivery. If this is the case, please contact the delivery firm using the tracking number’s address. Perhaps there was nothing wrong with the delivery and the box  just sent back to the sender. Please call FedEx Customer Service at 1-800-FedEx if your concerns about your shipment.

What is the FedEx tracking number?

Obtaining a tracking number before making an order is a crucial step in ensuring that your product arrives on time. If you receive a delivery confirmation email from FedEx, the tracking number generally included in it. Prior to placing your order, you should verify the tracking number on your delivery confirmation.

How do I track and manage FedEx delivery:

FedEx Package Manager is a free application that allows you to track and handle your FedEx delivery as it travels from its origin to your door, saving you time, money, and stress.

When you utilize the services, you’ll be able to stop your delivery and have it maintained at a FedEx site (ideal for cases when you’ll be home on an emergency basis), have the item intercepted if you’ll be in the neighborhood, and so much more.

FedEx delivery times


You may also have your item redirected to a FedEx Partner Location – such as a local Walgreens or Dollar General, or a FedEx Office – and store it in a package locker for up to seven days. The FedEx Delivery Manager’s built-in alert system is both powerful and simple to use.

When you sign up for the free tracking updates and shipment notifications from FedEx, not only will your package  moving closer to  deliver but also a time frame as well. With these tools available at no cost there is nothing else that needs consideration when it comes using this service; especially if plan on shipping with them again soon!


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