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Easy ways to FedEx track package on a real-time basis.

The FedEx track package is a way to monitor the FedEx package as it moves through the FedEx system. Tracking allows you to see where your package is in transit.If there are any delays. You will know right away and have time to contact FedEx about how best to resolve the problem.

FedEx has been using this service for years now with great success. Many people find it very convenient. Because they don’t have to wait until delivery day before knowing what’s going on with their shipment. For those who want more information on FedEx Track package . They would like some tips on how they can make sure their packages arrive safely at their destinations.

How to Track a FedEx package or Shipment?

Locating FedEx shipment tracking information can be done by visiting and typing in the  account number, FedEx Ship Manager username, or  Tracking number into the relevant search bar. Alternatively, FedEx package tracking is available via a link on the  homepage for logged-in FedEx accounts with a valid  username and password. Visitors that do not have a FedEx account, nor a valid username/password will only have access to limited information about their shipment .

Easy Ways to Track a Package:

  1. If you don’t already have it, download the FedEx Tracking app from the Google Play Store or Apple store, depending on your phone’s operating system
  2. Enter your tracking number and click Track Shipment.You can also visit and enter your tracking number there. The website will say whether the package is in transit or has been delivered to your local FedEx office.
  3. If the package is in transit, select either Air, Ground or Freight depending on how it was shipped. You are able to make this distinction based on the tracking number you entered, since different tracking numbers denote different types of transportation. If you select Ground, for example, and the package is currently in air transport (in other words, it hasn’t reached a ground hub yet), then your shipment will show as “arrived at airline hub.”
  4. Click Find My Location. The map should zoom in to where your shipment currently is and provide an estimated arrival time if provided by FedEx’s system (which happens automatically). You can also click the Directions tab and enter an address along with a specific time to receive a route from your location to where the package will arrive.
  5. If you don’t see your shipment listed as in transit, but instead find it at a FedEx facility not far from where you live or work, then check those facilities’ hours of operation. You can use those times as a guide for whether now is the best time to swing by and pick up your package, based on how long it would take to get there during those hours. Check holiday schedules online if you’re not sure what days certain facilities are closed.
  6. If the package has been delivered, click Find My Location. Enter your zip code or city and state and select.

How to Find FedEx Tracking Number?

FedEx has multiple ways to track a package: you can track your FedEx Express, FedEx Ground or FedEx Freight shipment. The method for tracking depends on the service and the type of shipping label. FedEx offers these options:

Tracking by email: Enter Shipping Confirmation Number . Enter up to 100 characters in the  field.

Tracking by phone: Call 1.800.Go FedEx 1.800.463.3339 and follow voice prompts to receive status on shipments with FedEx Express ® , FedEx Ground ® , FedEx Freight ® .

FedEx Tracking Number Format

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my FedEx tracking number? You quickly locate your FedEx tracking number in three steps. FedEx offers multiple options to find the FedEx tracking number on your shipment.

To locate FedEx Express shipping label (courier) number:

Go to and use  Ship Manager ®.Sign in to your account that matches the FedEx billing information on the package you are tracking. FedEx Express will show up automatically if you select  Express or Print & Go ®.Select Details under the FedEx Express label for your shipment details, including an online version of your  invoice and tracking number. Select Track Shipment – FedEx Tracking Number. For more help go to How do I get my FedEx package tracking number? You can also track by email or phone call 1-800-463-3339 for all FedEx shipments FedEx Ground account owners can track online.FedEx Freight customers can use their FedEx tracking number or reference number to track their shipment.FedEx has multiple ways to track a package.

What do I enter if the FedEx tracking number is not working?

FedEx offers this advice: If your  Tracking Number isn’t automatically populated in the  Tracking search field, it could be for one of two reasons:

  1. You are looking for tracking beyond FedEx Ship Manager ® . Please go directly to and choose one of two options: Enter your e-mail address in FedEx Tracking search field to track your FedEx Express shipment details. Enter up to 100 characters in the e-mail address field for FedEx Ground shipments, FedEx Freight shipments or FedEx Freight Centralized LTL shipments. This will provide you access to tracking status that is available through FedEx Ship Manager ® .
  2.  You are using an invalid FedEx Tracking Number Format. Please try re-entering your FedEx Tracking number using the correct FedEx service type and label format. For example, FedEx Ground customers should only have 10 digits in their tracking number with XX as a placeholder for any numbers in their tracking number that do not have specific meaning to FedEx ® Ground . The same applies for FedEx Express customers who should always enter 9999XYZ999999

FedEx Tracking Methods:

There are some easy methods to track FedEx, which are mentioned below:

Tracking Through Website:

FedEx Tracking Through websiteFedEx provides FedEx tracking  through their  website at It does not provide package tracking for FedEx Ground shipments on the FedEx website, but instead provides an estimate of when your package will arrive.

To find out specific details about a  shipment through the FedEx website, sign into your FedEx account or create one if you have not already done so. If you do not have a FedEx account, head to [Article Section] to learn how to track a shipment without signing up for an account first.

On the left side of your FedEx Tracking page, click on the tab that corresponds with the service used to ship your package: FedEx Express Saver , FedEx 2 Day , FedEx Priority Overnight,and others depending on the service.

A new FedEx Tracking page will appear with either your FedEx Express Saver , FedEx 2 Day or FedEx Priority Overnight shipment details, depending on which tab you clicked. The tracking number is the first item listed under “Your Package has Shipped.” Copy this tracking number to paste into a web browser later to check your package’s status online.

Tracking via FedEx mobile app:

FedEx-App-1-c (1)

FedEx provides a number of ways to track your package. The FedEx Mobile app allows you, the customer 24/7 access and updates on Express, Ground Freight as well as more than 70 different services through its website or mobile apps:
The output stresses that customers can check whether their shipment has been picked up by entering in tracking numbers at FedEx .com or within either one’s respective operating system; they will also receive notifications when it arrives!

Alternatively, if you know who signed for it you may also see info about any attempted deliveries arranged, along with the expected delivery date. The same  tracking information is available through  Mobile in the  Tracking section.

For FedEx Freight and  Custom Critical shipments, you can check your  Freight shipment status by entering the freight way-bill number at or via their mobile apps: FedEx Freight tracking: Enter your  Freight way-bill number here.

Note that the same information may not always be available for all services/methods of shipping. However, please see a complete list of FedEx service numbers here.

The FedEx Mobile app is available for free from the iOS App Store and Google Play.[Include any other mobile apps developed or services offered by FedEx here].

FedEx tracking via Phone number:

You can find out the status of your package with just a few clicks! FedEx provides you an easy way to locate it on their website, using tracking numbers. Enter in your own unique URL for Tracking and click “Track.” With this service they make things quicker than ever before so that there’s less time waiting by customers like yourself who want answers as soon as possible
The input is about how one might be able track down information related specifically  to shipping from FedEx, but because its length has been expanded into two paragraphs without much transition between them.

FedEx Convenient Options:

FedEx offers several convenient options for your business needs. How would you like to track packages using key words, by phone number or with reference numbers? Or access package status information on the go via mobile devices running the Android™ operating system or iPhone®? You can do all these things and more once FedEx delivers your FedEx Account Manager.

One of the options, FedEx offers is FedEx Tracking Number. If you’re using FedEx Express or FedEx Ground services, then this option may interest you as well as to those people who  wondering how they can track a package that shipped by FedEx. Once you have the FedEx Tracking Number, FedEx will give you the FedEx Tracking Number, then FedEx notifies you about FedEx tracking. FedEx offers several convenient options like FedEx Reference Number Tracking or FedEx Key Word Tracking.

To use FedEx tracking, customers provide either a reference number (like an electronic Air Way-bill), a phone number, or key words to begin FedEx tracking. Depending on your FedEx shipping service, FedEx will then provide FedEx tracking status and FedEx delivery details.

FedEx Tracking Via SMS:

FedEx tracking via SMS FedEx Tracking service is a relatively well known service that will send you updates about your shipment via text message. Through the web interface, it’s possible to monitor shipments in real time. It’s also possible to receive SMS updates for any number of packages by sending an SMS with their tracking numbers.

This morning, while I was monitoring one of my shipments at work on the web interface, I had an idea. If this service sends text updates via both email and SMS, perhaps some clever formatting could allow for the creation of a custom “script” that would send alerts when specific events occur!

FedEx Tracking Through Map:

FedEx Tracking via MapTo get started, visit this link and enter the FedEx tracking number for your package that you’d like to keep track of, then click CONTINUE .  A warning will pop up, click YES .

You will then redirect to the following page. Click CONTINUE.

Fill out “find a shipment” form    Next you will see this page. Click on the box that says find shipment near me, then type in your address or zip code.  FIND A TRACKING NUMBER .

Click on the type of tracking you’d like to use.  We want to track this via Map so we will select Track By Reference.Type in your FedEx tracking number and leave the reference number blank.  Then click SEARCH.

Your results should show up as follows:

Select the red arrow beside View Details.Your tracking status should  display in the format of a map along with your package’s current location.

To track your package via Map, click on View Details , then select Track By Reference.In this example we’ll use tracking number 1ZVR5N680877887900 .

Can you track a package without a FedEx tracking number?

Many FedEx customers ask, “Can you track a package without FedEx tracking number?” Unfortunately, FedEx does not provide a way to find the status of a shipment if you do not have the tracking number. However, there is no need to worry. If you do not have your FedEx tracking number. It may still be possible to track your package by calling FedEx customer service.

If you’re looking for a way to track your package without FedEx tracking number. It may be possible with some help from customer service. Packages shipped by ground or by home delivery can easily  track online using their shipment reference numbers and account numbers if they  send via an account instead of as seller-paid shipping (which means the sender pays full price).Unfortunately, though there’s no easy fix when trying not  any clue about where anything went after sending them off.

What about FedEx Tracking for International Shipments?

FedEx offers multiple ways to track a package. FedEx International Priority® shipments  given an individual tracking number which can  enter into their Track and Confirm tool for those looking to check the status of their shipment, while Ground packages enter Tracking numbers when entering World Ship as well so users access through both tools with one login (unless otherwise specified).

Express mail delivery starts once it enters into international territory and will also include information regarding where in that area tracking  activated upon arrival – this way if you miss receiving your item or something happens during transport there should still  some indication about its fate!

International shipments can  complicate, but that doesn’t mean you  guess about your package’s location. All of the information needed for tracking and status updates is available at in one place with Delivery Manager® or via an easy-to-follow map on their site under Track & Confirm

Which FedEx Services Offer Tracking?

Imagine getting the latest updates on your package as soon as it leaves the FedEx warehouse. With our easy tracking system, you’ll know exactly when and where something will arrive!
Mentioning “FedEx shipping labels” in an introduction like this one not only makes sure people that interested, but also gives them a sense of how things work behind-the-scenes with their delivery from start to finish – right down into some specific details such as using shipment numbers or mobile apps for searching through all available information about shipments.

FedEx offers same day delivery service for those who need their packages as soon as possible. Next Day Air  guaranteed by 9:30 am the next business day, while 2nd Day Air, and Express Mail Services  available with guarantees of 4 pm in two days time from shipping date! If your package needs to reach its destination promptly then FedEx  gets you covered – they provide tracking updates so that any delays can immediately  tracked down if necessary too!.

How Long Does It Take for FedEx to Update Tracking?

Sometimes FedEx can seem like it never updates or is slow to update package tracking information.The  truth of the matter is that FedEx does their best to update tracking within 24 hours. However, this rule only applies if FedEx actually scans the package at a FedEx facility. FedEx Ground packages  scanned every day they’re in transit–even on weekends and holidays–while FedEx Home Delivery packages  typically scanned once per day (and FedEx SmartPost packages  only scanned at the origin and destination).

FedEx tracking is an easy way to get information on the location of your FedEx shipment. But what does FedEx really mean when it says “Your FedEx package has been delivered”? FedEx uses many different terms to describe the condition of a package. Some of which are not consistent across all carriers. FedEx definite delivery in one of three ways:

Delivery attempted but not completed :

This means that FedEx did not have enough information at the time of delivery to determine whether or not they could complete the delivery.

Delivered at address shown on shipping label :

This can use instead of ‘Delivery attempt made’ if you  chosen the FedEx Location Drop Off option for your account, which allows FedEx drivers to leave packages requiring signature. If this option  not selected FedEx will not depart the drop off location if a signature is required.

Package has been delivered to FedEx Location :

This means that FedEx completed the delivery and made a successful attempt to notify you at time of delivery. This can also use in place of ‘Delivery attempt made’ if, again. You may choose FedEx Location Drop Off for your account.

In general FedEx updates tracking information about once an hour. So keep checking back to see if any progress made on locating your package. It may take up to 48 hours from when FedEx receives a shipment before they update their system . Keep in mind that FedEx uses data from satellite systems as well as ground based systems .  Sometimes it takes longer than usual for them to update the tracking information.

FedEx is no different than most carriers when it comes to tracking updates. In general, they’ll update your package status once an hour. Although some overnight FedEx shipments may update more often. FedEx does not guarantee that packages will update every time or that they’ll be accurate in real-time.

If FedEx can’t deliver your package, here’s what you need to know?

FedEx has an excellent track record of delivering packages on time. In fact, it’s one of the most reliable delivery services around. But sometimes deliveries do go wrong and FedEx fails to deliver your parcel or package as promised . It means that you could be left frustrated. If this happens at a bad moment or when you’re waiting for something important.

If FedEx can’t deliver your package, here’s what you need to know.

First, FedEx has a number of different ways to contact them so you can speak with someone directly. These include: – FedEx phone number – FedEx customer service email address – FedEx online chat center – FedEx help website. Finally the FedEx Twitter page is another great resource for getting in touch with.

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