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UPS Boxes: How do you find UPS box sizes, prices, and types?

UPS Boxes-UPS Shipping services are among the best available for transporting, packaging through domestic and international edges. UPS Shipping service is playing a vital role to deliver trouble free package delivery for both online and Offline Company owners.

Whether it is huge or less or a package, packing effectively and cheaply is a key shipping problem. It might be confusing not only the size of the box, but also how to pack your gift/items.

This is essential for packaging and shipping in the eCommerce sector. In order to preserve customer pleasure, it is generally important for your customer to receive the items on time. It must accordingly always be properly wrapped in a compact and sized box. There are also various UPS Boxes on this site that assist you pack your stuff properly and cost-effectively.

What is UPS boxes?

UPS, like most shippers, provides a selection of per-made packages and boxes for you to use. These might occasionally help you plan your shipping and fulfillment expenses. If you’re new to shipping items, selecting a box from a carrier can also assist you safeguard them. Try experimenting with different UPS Boxes to discover what perfectly suited and secures your items while keeping costs down. UPS also provides packaging and freight shipping services for a variety of items. Because these boxes aren’t usually standard, you’ll want to approach UPS or a 3 PL service provider for a reasonable quotation and box details.

UPS Package Types

There could also be some concerns about the UPS boxes and their proper use that are currently available for your delivery. It is critical to know that there are several boxes also as various purposes for every box. To select what kind of box to use, you want to first understand the various sorts of boxes available through UPS so as to form an informed decision.
So, to form your decision easier, we’ll check out the varied boxes offered from UPS.

A Variety of Boxes offered by UPS :

UPS Letter: Designed mostly for urgent document deliveries.
UPS 10kg Box: For international shipping via UPS Worldwide Express.
UPS 25 kg Box: This box is intended for flat-rate international shipping with UPS Worldwide Express.
UPS Express Box: It comes in three sizes, is very adaptable, and is primarily wont to send via UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS Next Day Air, and other international services.
UPS Pallet: Typically used to attach cargo to shipping pallets.
UPS Express Tube: Designed primarily for shipping papers like charts, paperwork, plans, posters, maps, and so on.
UPS PAK: These are waterproof boxes that are used to ship specified or critical products.
UPS World Ease Document Box: Appropriate for document packing and delivery.

Shipping boxes /size

Now that you know which UPS boxes may be used for shipping, you need to know the particular dimensions restrictions, such as weight limits, minimum order amount, and which services can be utilized with it. Furthermore, if you are unsure, utilize the UPS box size calculator to determine which box you require for shipment. The calculator is really useful.
UPS has a variety of package options by default. The package choices in the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin are divided into two categories:
1. Standard (Default) UPS shipping cartons
2. UPS delivery boxes

UPS Letter :

The UPS Letter is ideal for delivering urgent communication and documents, particularly via UPS Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, and International services. As a result, it provides both domestically and globally.

express envelope

Pack Sizes: 12.5” x 9.5”.
The weight restriction is 0.5 pounds.
UPS Order quantity is limited to 25 envelopes.
Order increments range from 25 to 250 pieces; best suited for papers, letters, and so on.

UPS Express Box :

UPS shipping boxes used to have an Express Box option for both locally and abroad delivery. The Express Box ships through Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, and a variety of foreign carriers. Aside from that, Express Boxes are utilized for a variety of transportation purposes, making them quite useful. The shipping rates are calculated by the weight of the product or the shipping zone.

ups express box

  • Large pack: 18″ x 13″ x 3″ (45.7 cm x 33.0 cm x 7.6 cm) and it can hold up to 30 lbs.
  • 15″ × 11″ x 3″ Medium Dimensions (40.6 cm x 27.9 cm x 7.6 cm)
  • 13″ x 11″ x 2″ Small Dimensions (33.0 cm x 27.9 cm x 5.0 cm)
  • A minimum customer order of 20 boxes is required.
  • Order supplements ranging from 40 to 100 pieces
  • Suitable for goods such as electrical parts and computer printouts, among other things.
  • It is completely free.

UPS 10kg Box :

The UPS 10kg box is really valuable for UPS Worldwide Express delivery. It is used to ship documents over borders and, as the name implies, it can hold a parcel weighing no more than 10kg. Because this is a globally delivered delivery box, export paperwork must be included. Furthermore, the fees are computed depending on the flat rate and the shipping zone.

express box 10kg

  • Package Dimensions: 16″ x 13″ x 10″
  • Item Sizes: 410  mm x 335 mm x 265 mm
  • The maximum weight is 10kg (22 lb).
  • Charges are dependent on the fixed rate and the shipping zone.
  • One set of two boxes is the average order quantity.
  • The increments for orders exceeding 5 boxes vary.

UPS 25 kg Box :

UPS shipping also gives clients more options for getting their items delivered. The 25 kg shipping package is appropriate for shipments that above the minimal limit of 10 kg in a UPS box. As a result, rather than utilizing two such boxes, store owners may pack the entire package in one larger box.

This box, like the 10kg Box, provides Worldwide Express shipping, with export documents required. Furthermore, the fees are depending on flat rate rates and shipping zones.

express box 25 kg

  • Packing Sizes: 19″ x 17″ x 14″
  • Item dimensions: -484 mm x 433 mm x 350 mm
  • The maximum possible weight is 25 kg (55 lb).
  • One pack of two boxes is the average order quantity.
  • Order increments vary every 5 boxes, and orders may modified appropriately.

UPS Express Tube:

The triangle Tube packing is ideal for delivering papers that do not require folding. These documents can be curled and put into the tube instead. If the cargo is international, the tube packing requires export documentation. Alternatively, it can be transported domestically or in regions where free circulation exists.

express tube

  • Size: 38″ x 6″ x 6″
  • Average order quantity: 5 tubes
  • Above 40 items, order increments vary.

UPS World Ease Document Box :

  • Sizes: 17″ x 12.5″ x 3″
  • Orders must placed in increments of 20 boxes.
  • Order increments differ depending on the situation.

world ease documents box

The UPS Pallet Boxes :

  • Large Size: 16.5” x 13.25” x 10.75” with a weight restriction of 22 lbs. (10kg)
  • Small Size: 19.75” x 17.75” x 13.25” with a weight limitation of 55 lbs.   (25 kg)

pallets boxes


  • There are a variety of sizes and weight limitations.
  • 325 mm x 408 mm and 410 mm x 450 mm
  • Generally flat, non-breakable items, such as heavy document shipments.

express pak

Who much is a UPS box price?

Now that we’ve learned about the various UPS boxes, their dimensions, weight limits, and so on, let’s see how much it costs. Amazingly, you should all be aware that it is free. These shipment boxes are available to all UPS customers at no cost.

ups simple rate size

How to choose which UPS box suits your requirements?

Before you determine which box to select, you should examine the following factors. Here are a few of them that will assist you in resolving the issue:

Weight: To begin, you must be certain of the package’s weight.

Weight restrictions: Second, you must be certain of the weight restrictions of the UPS boxes.

Shipping service: Following that, you must determine which shipping service you will employ.

Nature of Item: Finally, and most crucially, you must understand the nature of the object being sent.

How to measure the Package size?

You must know the exact measurements of the ground package, such as its length, breadth, and height, in order to measure it. In this case, we’ll utilize the formula:

measurement of size

Length multiplied by 2 x Width multiplied by 2 x Height

So, to find out, take these procedures.

Step 1: Calculate all of the lengths. Take longer side and round to the closest inch to get the length.

Step 2: Determine the Girth for this object by measuring the width and multiplying it by two, as well as the item’s height and multiplying it by two, and then adding them together.

Girth= (2 x wide + 2 x height)

Step 3: Add the length and girth from Step 2 and then add them both. As a result, you obtained the package measurement.

Step 4: Weigh the package to determine its real weight.

Are there weight & Size restrictions on UPS Shipping?

Even when we are travelling, we must keep the weight limitations in mind when packing our baggage. It is the same with shipping; it is critical to ensure that the weight limitations remain within the authorized limits, or you may choose another alternative. So, in terms of sending packages, UPS has its own set of rules. As a result, there are no restrictions on the number of parcels or their overall weight. However, if your deliveries weigh more than the weights shown below, you must use UPS Freight services or UPS Worldwide Express Freight.

Deliveries can weigh up to 150 lbs (68 KG).

woo commerce-ups-shipping-boxes/

  • Packages can even be as large as 165 inches (length and girth combined).
  • Packages can be as long as 108 inches (the longest side)
  • Specific prices and dimensional weight calculations are required for packages with a greater size/weight ratio. Most of these services are provided via freight.

How to calculate the billed weight of your UPS boxes?

So now you know how to measure and pack, the next thing you need to consider is the cost of the entire package that includes the item. Your item’s billable weight  entirely determined by its weight and dimensions. A shipment’s least billable weight is 151 pounds.

Follow these steps to determine the billable weight:

Step 1: Determine the package’s exact weight.

Step 2: Calculate the dimensional weight. It is generally the sum of the product’s height, breadth, and length in inches.

Step 3: To calculate the billable weight, add the pallet weight, dimensional weight, and minimal billable weight. The larger the number, the larger the real billable weight.

Where do i Get UPS Boxes?

When shipping by UPS, you must have the appropriate packaging. Moreover, obtaining these UPS boxes for your packing is simple. They may  found in the following locations:

  1. The closest UPS location.
  2. Online via the UPS website.
  3. Obtained from approved logistics firms

Where to Get Free UPS Shipping Supplies :

UPS is a prominent participant in the shipping industry in the United States. With their extensive resources and delivery skills, they make mass shipment simple for your company. They offer a large number of sites around the United States, so you can quickly pick up shipping materials or purchase online.

If you utilize FBA, as I’m sure most of you do, UPS really is the finest shipping provider. The logic for this is simple: because Amazon and UPS do so much business jointly, shipping to an Amazon fulfillment Center is a fraction of what UPS would charge you to send anywhere else. Other shipping providers may use with FBA, although it hardly makes sense (pun intended). Simply go to, login, and pick the goods you require to “purchase” free UPS shipping materials. To obtain free UPS goods, you must have a UPS account, which you may get for free.

UPS provides the following items for free:

  • Envelopes for express delivery
  • Shipping labels and forms
  • Stickers and labeling
  • Pouches

 Final Thoughts on Choosing the UPS boxes :

When you ship an item, you face many factors like box size, price and types as per your need. To measure a ground package, you must first determine its exact dimensions, such as its length, width, and height.

While travelling, you must maintain weight restrictions in mind when packing your luggage. It’s the same with shipping; it’s important to keep the weight restrictions within the limits specified.

It is essential to understand that there are numerous boxes, each with a different purpose. To decide which type of box to use, you should first understand the various types of boxes offered by UPS.

The first impression that your consumer gets is from the packing. As a result, selecting the right UPS boxes for shipping your products is critical to making the right impression. Now that you’ve read the preceding post and have a much better understanding of UPS boxes and how to travel about packing them correctly, you’ll be able to quickly pick the best one for you.

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