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How do I calculate UPS ground shipping time and cost?

  UPS Ground Shipping is a cost-effective and accessible across the United States to get your items to clients, particularly for domestic deliveries. This service often handled by freight services.The shipments performed by road using trucks, which is how the service got its name. The deliveries carried by road takes longer to complete than those carried by air freight. On the other hand, it is the most preferred form of a domestic delivery in the United States.

However, in international shipping, this sort of road service might still be helpful. Despite the fact that most international shipments require freight travelling by water to ports across the world, packages must still move by ground to their final destination. It mostly utilized in international shipping for the last delivery. The delivery date defined on the departure and destination locations. As a result, the further you ship, the longer it takes UPS Ground Shipping to deliver.

ups ground shipping

With assured delivery based on the starting and finishing zip codes, you can know when your cargo will arrive ahead of time. In fact, there are times when a delivery takes longer to arrive or does not come at all. Contact the shipper in these instances, and they should follow it up with UPS on the status of your cargo.

What is Ground Shipping?

This term refers to any shipment that involves parcels to transport by road or rail. These deliveries often managed by freight firms. Furthermore, the pricing of these services is low enough that you may be able to provide free delivery on your eCommerce site. That’s a huge benefit. You will not only save money, but you may also experience an increase in referrals and revenue. Buyers are more likely to buy if you can offer free – or low-cost – shipping by transporting items by road; after all, customers adore inexpensive delivery alternatives!

Sending parcels via road takes longer than air or sea transportation:

Sending parcels via road takes longer than air or sea transportation, but it is much less expensive. As a result, customers are typically willing to wait a little longer for their goods. Clearly, cost is an essential consideration in the purchase choice. In fact, 75% of online buyers demand free shipping, even on transactions under $50. Furthermore, 65 percent agree that they check whether free or low-cost delivery is available before adding an item to their cart. This shows the importance of low-cost ground delivery for your online business.

If you are going to mail your item, you will most likely look for an answer to how long UPS Ground Shipping takes. You’ve come to the correct spot to find the solution. If you want a high-quality goods delivered on schedule and without additional fees, you should go with UPS Ground Shipping.

 UPS Ground Shipping Time:

First, UPS Ground Shipping requires a signature on the package. This does not indicate that your package will be available for 24 hours. Mostly, UPS does not deliver within 24 hours as UPS cannot always track the UPS driver. UPS Ground Shipping does not necessitate that the product arrives at the stated address before the time.


The good news is that there will not be a long wait. It is dependent on how you intend to transport the product. In general, if you place your order at 9:00 a.m., your shipment should arrive at 3:00 p.m. in the United States. That is a rather quick arrival time for UPS Ground Shipping. Amazingly. As long as your item has not been tagged as “addressee is outside the USA,” it is possible that it will reach at your place before the given time. You will need to allow 2-3 days before the delivery date in this scenario.

UPS Ground Shipping is available from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

You can be certain that you will get your product on the specified day. As a result, there will be no issues and the shipment will arrive on time. You will also have no difficulties if you have priority shipping. However, if you choose a flat-rate shipping service, you must track your shipment at all times and for the following few days. The reasoning for this is because the courier will not be able to monitor the goods for a few of days. Therefore, if the shipment arrives before the limit, you are allowed to return it to the sender, and the UPS service will not charge you for doing so.

Calculation of delivery Time:

UPS lets you determine the delivery time for any cargo heading anywhere that UPS serves. When you calculate the delivery time, we’ll provide you a variety of choices for getting your product to its final location. You’ll be able to see the delivery time for each choice, as well as the most recent pickup time. With the ability to quickly change your inputs and examine your results on the same page, you can utilize this information to make the best decision on how to deliver your cargo.

UPS ground shipping time 2022 pdf

ups ground shipping time 2022

UPS Ground Shipping Cost:

UPS also estimates the cost of shipment on the basis of weight dimensions. Various delivery choices in the UPS range from UPS Ground to 3-Day Select or 2nd Day Air.

Small companies can receive savings, including 20% off-air and international deliveries and 10% off-ground, through the UPS Connect program depending on delivery options.

ups domestic& int price

When shipping UPS goods to locations throughout the world, the Calculate Time and Cost tool allows you to compare confirmed arrival times and published charges. You may use the Calculate Time and Cost program to:

  • Get rates in the currency of the origin nation.
  • Obtain pricing and modify shipment data for numerous items.
  • Determine the cost of value-added services, if relevant.
  • Examine rate summary data in an easy-to-read graphic.
  • Only view rate information, including zones, when necessary.
  • Sort your findings by cost or time.
  • Learn about foreign delivery dates and timings for door-to-door service (including customs clearance)

ups rates 2021

Not all regions show shipping rates. If the Calculate Time and Cost application does not provide shipping cost information for the countries.You have chosen, contact the local UPS office.

Additional aspect on shipping costs:

The shipping prices indicated are approximations based on the information you have provided. Other shipping costs may apply, and your total shipping fee may vary based on your UPS Account number. For further information, please refer to the relevant UPS Rate and Service Guide.

Shipping costs do not include tariffs, taxes, or any non-standard customs brokerage fees. Other shipping charges, surcharges, or value-added processing fees may apply. Your ultimate shipping fee may vary depending on your shipper features as well as the characteristics of, and services asked for, items actually tendered to UPS.

 Calculate Time and Cost:   

The Calculate Time and Cost tool assists you in determining delivery dates and times for all UPS parcel and freight services offered in over 200 countries worldwide. You may also use the Calculate Time and Cost tool to calculate shipping charges for a variety of UPS services in a variety of countries covered by UPS.

How to Calculate Time and Cost?

The Calculate Time and Cost application may be found on UPS.COM Shipping tab.

  1. Navigate to the Shipping tab from any site at
  2. Choose Calculate Time and Cost.
  3. Follow the instructions, making a note of the needed information

how to calculate shipping cost-1

how to calculate shipping cost-2

 Saturday delivery:

UPS Saturday Delivery allows you to extend your business week even more. Just like your busy schedule, the UPS service has not had a break on weekends. Due to the expansion of weekend service, Saturday deliveries are now cheaper than ever.

UPS Ground packages typically arrive within 1-7 business days of being dispatched. Packages sent through USPS should arrive between 1-8 business days of being dispatched. Delivery time frames may vary based on the shipping warehouse’s location and the package’s destination. Due to availability in certain warehouses, orders may arrive in different packages. UPS does not consider Saturday, Sunday, or certain holidays to be typical shipping days. If you need your package delivered on a Saturday, UPS charges a $15.00 service fee. Please contact our customer support department at 1-800-301-9042.

Does UPS Ground Deliver on Saturday?

UPS Next Day Air® is a service that delivers packages the next day. UPS Next Day Air®, UPS 2nd Day Air®, UPS Ground, and UPS 3 Day Certain® Shipments are now accessible for satellite delivery to select important metropolitan areas in the United States. It is also available for UPS International Express deliveries to the United States, Canada, France, South Korea, and the United Kingdom, as well as UPS Global Express Plus and UPS International Express FreightTM shipments to Canada and the United States Shipments to Canada and the United States. Saturday service is provided for UPS Returns® services with a change back address in the United States or Puerto Rico.

ups Saturday delivery

 Advantage by using UPS Saturday Ground:

If you provide excellent customer service, you will be able to develop brand loyalty among your consumers. Due to UPS Ground on Saturday, shipments that were previously qualified and dispatched on Monday will now be delivered on Saturday. Please bear in mind that there will be no further price for this.

According to one of UPS’s most recent polls, 71% of online consumers select UPS Ground delivery throughout the checkout process. Unfortunately, due to delayed or unpredictable shipment times, 50 percent of customers leave or cancel their purchasing carts. This can be expensive for your company, so you should definitely consider adding it to your Cart list. You no longer need to cut off orders on Fridays with this operation in place.

As previously said, UPS Saturday Ground offers you with an extra day to fulfill weekend orders while also offering your clients with an early arrival.

Guarantee for Saturday Delivery:

The following UPS delivery commitment time frames are dependent on the shipping service you select:

UPS-USA services

  1. UPS Next Day Air® Early: As early as 9:00 a.m., depending on destination, guaranteed arrival one hour later than the scheduled weekday delivery time.
  2. Next Day Air®: Guaranteed delivery by 12:00 noon or 1:30 p.m., depending on destination, when weekday shipments are dispatched by 10:30 a.m. or 12:00 noon, accordingly.
  3. 2nd Day Air®: Depending on location, guaranteed delivery by the end of the day for items collected on Thursday.
  4. Ground and UPS 3 Day SelectTM: End of day delivery
  5. UPS Worldwide Express® Plus: Destination-based delivery
  6. Worldwide Express®: Destination-based delivery
  7. UPS Worldwide Express FreightTM: Destination-based delivery

UPS Value Added services: 

What Is Cash on Delivery (COD)?

Cash on delivery (COD) is a form of transaction in which the consumer paid for an item in cash rather than on credit at the time of delivery. The payment clauses of the sales contract set the rules and permitted forms of payment. Cash on delivery is sometimes known as collecting on delivery since delivery may accept cash, cheque, or electronic payment.


    Cash on delivery (COD) transaction occurs when a receiver paid for an item or service at the time of delivery.

  1.  Why Customers benefit from COD shipment since they have more time to save and make a complete payment.
  2. Sellers gain rapid payment for purchases as long as the customer accepts the items.

Saturday Pickup:

Another alternative for pickup is a UPS Saturday pickup commonly known as a Saturday Air Service Charge. Shippers can obtain the same delivery guarantee as if they delivered on a Friday. UPS will pick up your goods on a Saturday at your request for $16.00. Parcels delivered to UPS and packages delivered at retail locations on Saturday  included in Saturday Collection. Saturday delivery and pickup are only offered in some locations for UPS 3 Day Choice, UPS Ground, and UPS Ground with Freight Price services.

UPS Collect-On-Delivery:

UPS, being one of the top shipping companies, offers an excellent alternative in which you can rely on UPS to receive cash for your package at the time of delivery. Enabling UPS Collect on Delivery ensures that UPS will make an effort to collect the amount indicated on the C.O.D tag or package label. The money will then be sent to the shop owner. Therefore, if UPS is unable to collect the money after three tries, the parcel will be returned to the origin address. UPS C.O.D. also sends an email to the business owner as well as the customers informing them of the amount owed and shipment status updates. This allows consumers to be ready for UPS’s initial delivery effort.

Here are a few the precautions you should consider when utilizing UPS C.O.D:

  • UPS takes cash on delivery for sums up to $50,000.00 per cargo.
  • It will take a personal or professional check, or other flexible form of payment. • UPS will take a cashier’s check or money order only at the request of the sender.
  • The shipper bears all risk associated with payment processing, including non-payment, inadequate money, and forgeries.

Daily On-Route Pickup:

Daily On-Route Pickup is excellent for businesses that may be adjusted with service hours, but still want the comfort of a daily automated pickup. With this choice, a UPS driver will pick up your package at your address once each business day while making deliveries in the surrounding area.


These are the specifics for Daily On-Route Pickup:

  • UPS will pick up your shipments even if no packages have been delivered.
  • There is no need to make a phone call to request a pickup.
  • This option offers the convenience of automated Daily Pickup while conserving fuel and lowering carbon emissions from additional journeys.
  • The option is perfect for customers who desire a scheduled pickup, but also want to help the environment. • Packages tendered at an alternate collection site are subject to UPS On-Call Pickup costs.
  • This option is available for all UPS services to and from anywhere in the United States.
  • Open from Monday to Friday, barring UPS holidays.

UPS Smart Pickup®

  • UPS Smart Pickup® blends the dependability of an automated Daily Pickup with the convenience of requesting an on-demand pickup.Simply UPS comes to your business when you want your item to transport saves gasoline and can help to decrease carbon emissions.


UPS Smart Pickup employs cutting-edge technology to schedule pickups only when you have goods to send. When you use WorldShip®, UPS Internet Shipment, or UPS CampusShip® to arrange a shipment, the system instantly informs a UPS driver to conduct a UPS Smart Pickup that same day to pick up all ready packages. If your item received too late in the day to alert the UPS driver to pick it up the same day, you can book a UPS Smart Pickup for the next day, ask a UPS On-Call Pickup®, or find a UPS facility to drop off your cargo.


UPS Smart Pickup is accessible for all UPS services from any verified pickup site in the United States to UPS account customers.

  • When you establish a payment account or modify your account parameters, you can select a scheduled pickup time.

UPS Smart Collection notifications typically sent one hour before your scheduled pickup time.

To obtain a pickup that same day, the first shipment of the day must process before the notification time.

Any extra parcels that are ready at the time of pickup will be picked up by the UPS driver.

If the first shipment of the day handled after the notification time, you may: •

  • Make a UPS Smart Pickup appointment for the following business day.
  • If feasible, schedule a UPS On-Call Pickup on the very same day.
  • Locate a UPS drop-off site.

UPS Ground Map:

Just use UPS ground map to see if your shipment will take one day or five days. The amount of transit days for your UPS ground shipping within the United States and Puerto Rico  displayed on this map.

Simply input the location of the parcel and press the submit button. The image below shows what the map looks like when shipping from Chicago, IL. Zip code 60614

ups ground map

What’s the difference between ground and air shipping?

To begin with, the two are distinct since they follow separate routes and have distinct advantages and drawbacks. Let’s take a look at the two and see if they’ll assist you determine whether to utilize them in your order. Ground delivery is the most cost-effective choice for domestic shipping, according to UPS. Because all items loaded into a vehicle for delivery to the client, ground service provides faster delivery times.

When it comes to ground shipping, you must inspect your items and select the finest shipping services to include them in the cargo. Air shipment is the most costly, but also the quickest choice. Packages transported on the same plane as the airplane that carries them. Packages not left on the ground; instead, they must collect from a nearby gateway before delivering.

Because air has never been a popular mode of transportation, it has less implication than ground freight. However, you must cover the expense of the equipment, flying cargo, and ensuring cargo safety.

UPS Shipping Service United States to Canada:

UPS has over 40 years of shipping and logistical experience in Canada, making it easy to reach our northern neighbors. Over the previous year, UPS enhanced its ground shipping network to deliver UPS® Standard packages from 411 U.S. locations in Canada one day faster.

UPS Standard is the lowest option for shipping to Canada using UPS ground services. A normal 4 pound box costs between $25 and $40, based on where you are delivering it to in Canada. Here are a few further details regarding this service:

  • It comprises door-to-door delivery
  • It includes door-to-door delivery
  • You may send items weighing more than 150 pounds
  • Guaranteed delivery in 2-7 business days
  • Customs clearance  not included

 Shipping Boxes:

When you ship an item, the first impression your consumer gets is for the packing. As a result, selecting the proper UPS boxes for shipping your products is critical to making the best decision. You can simply select the proper one for you now that you have a better understanding of UPS boxes and how to pack them correctly from the preceding post.

There may be some concerns about the UPS boxes that are now available for delivery and how they should be used. It is critical to understand that there are various boxes, each serving a particular role. To make an informed decision regarding what sort of box to use, you must first understand about the many types of boxes available by UPS.

shipping boxes

UPS Package Types:

So, to make your decision easier, let’s have a look at the various boxes provided by UPS…

UPS Pallet: This is a typical form of pallet used to attach cargo  shipping pallets.

Express Tube: Designed specifically for delivering items such as charts, documents, and books, Plans, posters, maps, and other such materials

PAK: are waterproofing boxes that are used to convey restricted or sensitive products.

World Ease Document Box: This is perfect for document bundling and UPS shipping.

Letter: Designed particularly for the transmission of urgent documents.

10 kilogram Box: For international shipping via UPS Worldwide Express.

25 kg Box: This box is designed for international flat-rate UPS Worldwide Express shipping.

Express Box: Comes in three sizes, is highly versatile, and is commonly used to transport products via UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS Next Day Air, and other international carriers.

select service for mailing

Guidelines to select the exact shipping technique: 

UPS Ground Shipping, Ground shipping prices at the US Post Office are quite low. It usually costs between one and five bucks. However, if you have to pay the extra delivery cost for products that you do not need to purchase, you should consider that expense into your budget. When deciding on a delivery option, you should consider the size of the shipment as well as your location.

Books, furniture, clothing, food, and other things weighing between 6 and 25 pounds can  find at your local post office. Others include gifts for friends and family, delicate things, and other stuff. There will be certain products that weigh more than 25 pounds that you will need to ship. Musical instruments, vacuum cleaners, automobile parts, and other products are examples.

If you ship your product to a PO Box, you should expect UPS Ground Shipping to take a very long period. This is due to the length of time it will take UPS Ground Shipping providers to deliver your product to your PO Box.

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