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How to Register & Log In with UPS My Choice?

UPS My Choice® is a UPS service that assists individuals and small home-based companies in removing the stress of missed deliveries or items sitting outdoors while you are gone. UPS My Choice has two tiers of membership: free and paid. The free service provides a core set of delivery management features, while the paid service provides expanded services on demand.

The UPS My Choice® Business platform allows small and medium-sized businesses to automatically register their products and get information on the input and output presentation on their alert dashboards. Pro-send notices, for example day-to-day alerts and day-of-send, are essential features, as is a new delivery notice that informs consumers when the driver approaches or is within one hour. Businesses can provide complete control of delivery to many of the individuals of their staff.

What is UPS My Choice?

UPS wants  to miss deliveries to be a thing of the past. As a result, in October, it launched a new feature called My Choice. It is a free service that provides consumers with a one-day advance notification of the arrival of their delivery. So you’ll know precisely when your product will arrive, and you won’t miss it. But it isn’t all. Customers may select when and where their items are delivered for an additional cost ($5 per usage or $40 per year). So, instead of being irritated, you will receive your gift.

My Choice was an instant success with customers. In the first 90 days, over 600,000 individuals signed up. That’s 600,000 customers who were pleased rather than dissatisfied with their package delivery expertise.

How Can I Register with My UPS?

Step 1: Go to the following website and click on the link: My UPS account signup page. The following page will be displayed:

Step 2: Fill in the needed information in each field. Check that you have completed all of the fields indicated with a ‘*’ symbol (these fields are mandatory to fill). To proceed to the next page, check the box for technology agreement and click next.

Register with My UPS Choice

Step 3: Complete all of the details and continue.

Step 4: After registering your account, you will receive your login information. You may now log in with these credentials and access your my UPS account to get perks. If you have any questions about this procedure, please leave them in the comments section below or call the UPS customer care hotline.

Benefits by using My UPS Account

My UPS offers services that help you deal with transportation operations more effective; UPS improves tracking and offers you a better bargain on your shipping needs. Many services are provided for free to registered users. Among these advantages are the following:

Create a UPS Account: My UPS assists you in maintaining a UPS account in order to get a shipment and supply information. You may obtain further perks like simplified weekly billing via your UPS account.

UPS Advanced Tracking: This service saves time by allowing you to save up to 50 tracking numbers in your account history. This also allows you to track and import different tracking numbers, as well as quickly check the Proof of Delivery. You may also request status update notifications and change of delivery address choices.

UPS Internet Delivery: For various transportation tasks, you can use a convenient point of access. You may make professional labels, save more than 2,000 addresses in a personal address book, quickly retrieve previous shipments, use the package tracking feature, and see and get Delivery confirmation.

Order Supplies from UPS: Another service provided by My UPS account is the ability to order free goods. My UPS allows you to utilize your history to effortlessly repurchase the products you use on a regular basis.

How to Log in with  UPS My Choice?

If you are currently a UPS My Choice ® member, you can manage your delivery by following the steps below:

1: Log in or make an UPS Account

ups my choice log in


2: After you’ve logged in, go to Tracking and click Access My Choice.

ups my choice log in 2

3: Once there, you may examine packages on a calendar or in table format if that isn’t thorough enough.

ups my choice log in 3

UPS Premium Membership Cost

There is now a free membership option as well as a premium service that costs $40 per year. Every year, Premium members receive two complimentary verified 2-hour delivery window requests. Non-premium members will be charged an extra $8 for each delivery window request.
UPS My Choice Premium is just $19.99 per year as of 2021.

Premium Membership Cost

Premium members may now automatically and at no cost upgrade any UPS Sure Post deliveries to UPS ground. The service is UPS Sure Post, with USPS as the final delivery system. This is significantly slower than UPS ground. This base upgrade costs $3.50 per package for free membership users.

Sure Post goods upgraded to UPS Ground and delivered by UPS rather than the US Postal Service will pay UPS more beginning in 2021. Members of My Choice Fee pay $7.99.
When you upgrade from Sure Post to Ground, your goods remain in the UPS ground network and are not sent to USPS for final delivery. This will also reduce the possibility of damage or shipment loss.

Member Various Options/Benefits

UPS My Choice Members have various options for ensuring that their UPS goods are delivered even when no one is at home.

  • Shipment Alerts: Receive proactive reminders the day before a delivery by text, phone, or email.
  • Estimated Delivery Time: UPS will offer an estimated delivery time period when feasible. This time is not guaranteed and may change depending on the driver’s workload, weather, and traffic.
  • Shipping Planner: View incoming UPS packages by the day, week, or month without entering any tracking numbers, making it even easier to organize all of your home deliveries.
  • Approve Shipment Delivery: Sign online for suitable shipments.
  • Deliver to a Different Address: Have your packages dispatched to a different address ($5 per delivery; free for Premium members).
  • Re booked Delivery: Arrange for your packages to be shipped on a different day ($5 per box; free for Premium members).
  • Please ask delivery to a UPS Retail Location: Request delivery of your shipments to a UPS Retail Location, such as The UPS Store ($5 per package, free for Premium members).
  • Left with Neighboring: Arrange for your UPS packages to  leave with a neighbor (neighbor must  within walking distance).
  • Leave At Directions: Tell the UPS driver where you want your items to be left.

Can I check out where my parcel is right now?

Members of UPS My Choice® may observe the position of selected items in connection to the delivery address using the Follow My Delivery live map. As the item advances closer its location, the package symbol refreshes every two to three minutes.

Follow My Delivery  accessible for UPS® Ground, UPS Next Day Air®, UPS Worldwide Express®, and UPS Worldwide Express Plus® shipments.

We tailor each map to your driver’s timetable and provide you the link as soon as the driver starts his or her journey.

Check the progress of UPS delivery through the New Follow My Delivery App.

The UPS app “Follow My Delivery” allows you to track the progress of your shipment in real time. This service allows the more than 22 million UPS My Choice service users to track their deliveries on a real-time map.

follow my delivery

The UPS My Choice app notifies customers of arriving goods and allows them to hold and authorize shipments for release. Follow My Delivery, on the other hand, provides clients more access to their shipments.

This solution can provide an extra value for crucial shipments for small enterprises using eCommerce.

 Benefits by using ups my choice

You should not have to be concerned about whether or not you will be home when delivery arrive.

What you require is a method to manage all of your qualifying UPS home deliveries, prior to the first delivery attempt, which is what UPS My Choice® provides.

Always understand the status of your shipments

UPS My Choice delivery alerts provide you with proactive updates regarding home deliveries.

You always get access to the UPS My Choice delivery organizer, where you can see incoming UPS shipments by day, week, or month, providing it even simpler to manage your home deliveries.

Make your home delivery experience better

When you sign up for UPS My Choice, you get to select where and when your qualifying UPS items  delivered and no more bothersome missed delivery messages.

With a UPS My Choice Membership, you may choose how much management you want over your home deliveries. If you are not going to be home to receive a shipment, you may rearrange it for another day or even reroute it in a convenient spot.s

Receive Alerts

With UPS My Choice, you may get free package notifications, hold for a will call, or request a cargo release. Asking a hold at a UPS facility, postponing a delivery, and delivering to a different address are among the chargeable services. All of this will cost you $5 each use. If you get a lot of goods, you may sign up for UPS My Choice Pro, which costs $40 per year and includes the aforementioned services as well as the option to plan a 2-hour delivery window ($5 per usage).

UPS App:

Using this UPS App, you can monitor shipments shipped by UPS Next Day Air or UPS Worldwide Express on a live map. After each two to three minutes, the vehicle’s location  changed.Minute-by-minute tracking is available on both desktops and mobile devices, including cell phones.

Monitor, UPS Delivery Progress:

To track UPS shipments on a live map, company owners must first create a UPS My Choice account. This is a free service that allows you to sign packages online. You can receive package notifications and estimate delivery time frames. Once the recipient’s package  put into the transport truck, the app sends an email with a yellow “Follow my delivery button” that opens a web page with a map of your local region.

 How the live map activates and displays the package’s:

When the delivery vehicle departs the loading area, the live map activates and displays the package’s ultimate stop as well as its present location. Every 2-3 minutes, the map  automatically refreshed. The software does not show the driver’s actual location for safety concerns.

This is the finest illustration of how we use technology to improve the e-commerce customer delivery experience from the point – of – purchase to the time of delivery,” stated by UPS chief marketing officer Teresa Finley in a news statement.

Because consumers can track UPS delivery status in real time, they will know when their goods will arrive and will be able to better organize their storage space, potentially reducing robberies as the delivered items will not have to linger on the front patios for long.Businesses may use this software to not only track goods and monitor UPS delivery status, but also to create client loyalty with personalized delivery alerts.“For example, our e-commerce firms can send a tailored special discounts or product recommendation as part of UPS My Choice shipment to their online consumers. ” Finley said.

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