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UPS Return Label: Creat & Print Return Shipping Label

The UPS Return label is ideal for shippers that wish to keep costs and other issues for returned products under control. Printing personalized return address labels with prepaid postage for your customers is simple with the correct tools.

When delivering products that your receiver may need to return, you probably want to keep expenditure and other variables under control. If you are including a prepaid shipping label with your package, you will exactly know how much that will cost you, how long it would take for the return to arrive you, and you will be able to monitor the return while it is being processed. That’s a lot of value for so little money.

What is a return shipping label?

UPS Return label- is a pre-paid, pre-addressed label that consumers may use to easily return their goods. It can be supplied with the products or printed at home by the purchaser.

Accenture discovered in the same study that properly managing returns resulted in an additional 21-46 percent gain in profit on aggregate over six months, since consumers respect the returns process. A straightforward method necessitates the use of an easy-to-print return label.

What does a UPS return label look like?

ups return label sample


 What are prepaid return labels?

You’ve undoubtedly seen (and used) more than one prepaid UPS Return label in your delivery parcels if you’ve bought a lot of goods online. They are sticky labels with detailed instructions on how to use them if you need to return one or more products to the vendor. This option is available on all major carriers, and it benefits everybody:

Sellers have control over which carrier and service is utilized for returns, so they know precisely how much it will cost and how long it will take to return.Why Buyers, don’t have to bother about returns, paying more than a trip to the carrier drop-off location.Operators have fewer improperly labeled return shipments to clog the system.

 How do they work?

Let’s start with a crucial point: “Prepaid” does not imply that you have to spend for every label—only the ones that are utilized. Of course, you’ll have to pay a little fee to print each one, but you’ll save even more time, money, and misery by routing returns through channels you know and trust that it’s well good enough to justify it.

ups label sample

Aside than that, it’s very basic. You just print out return labels with the addresses reversed, using codes from your carrier, who will price you each time one is used, using whichever tools you want to generate your shipping labels. Send Pro Online will assist you in quickly and clearly creating prepaid return address stickers.

Then your consumers may simply affix that label to the container carrying their return and deliver it to a carrier or drop box. Once it is in the processing, the carrier will pay you and you will receive it soon.

Types of UPS Shipping Labels:

UPS provides return shipping alternatives in a limited number of countries.

UPS Campus Ship is a return shipping service that allows you to design and manage UPS return labels. To generate a UPS Return label, first enter the Return To and Return From addresses, followed by the package’s weight and size. UPS has several return shipment alternatives.You may select the one that best meets your needs in terms of price, shipment time, or any other factor that is essential to you.

UPS Returns – Print Return Label:

print return label

You may send your UPS return label with the package or individually on demand when using this service. This service’s claimed value is restricted to $1,000 or the comparable in any other cash.

You may select this service from the Select Service menu and then enter the necessary product details. After that, you may go through the information again before printing the label.

UPS Returns Plus :

ups return plus

The UPS return label is delivered by the UPS driver when they collect the return shipment from the given address in this service. With this service, you have a choice between two options:

  1. UPS one pickup attempt, in which pickup is tried just once and, if not feasible, the receiver is given the UPS prepaid label. This service has a declared value of $99.00.
  2. UPS three pickup tries, in which UPS attempts the pickup three times. If the attempt fails, the label is returned to UPS. This service’s declared value is restricted to $50.00.

UPS Electronic Return Label :

ups electronoc return label

This service is a good choice if you need to quickly email the UPS return label to your customer.

Your consumer may print the label, as well as a receipt, and read instructions on how to schedule pickup. Find the option in the Return Service area, input the product details, and then review and approve the communication to your customer. Don’t forget to check the Receipt box before confirming.

UPS Print and Mail Return Label :

ups print and mail return

This service is appropriate for a variety of circumstances, including product recalls.

The UPS Return label may be printed and mailed to your clients by UPS. To use this option, go to the Return Service section and choose it. Enter the needed product details and details, then review and approve it. Then, choose the Ship Now option. Select Receipt when evaluating if you wish to print the receipt for your return package. Finally, click Review and Print to print the label.

How to Make a Return Shipping Label?

Easy ship may also be used for all domestic shipping, returns in the United States!

To generate a return shipping label with Easy ship, follow these instructions:

  1. First, tick the box next to the delivery for which you wish to generate the label.
  2. Select More, then Make Return Label.
  3. Enter the client details, such as a return address and the customer address, next.
  4. Enter the shipping details, such as weight and size, next.
  5. Choose one of the recommended couriers.
  6. Make the payment.
  7. Once your money is received, we will send you an email with the prepaid shipping label.
  8. If you wish to resend the email or download the label personally, go to the Handle Shipment page and select the Options icon. You may even add yourself to the email’s BCC area.

Why should you make it easy for customers to print return labels?

For these reasons, it is critical that your consumers can easily print return labels. You must inform your consumers about the returns procedure from the start — according to one survey, 50 percent of buyers cancelled a purchase owing to a shortage of return channels.

However, after they’ve made a purchase, it’s not a done thing. If eCommerce firms want to turn clients into repeat customers, they must make it easy for them to return products. According to a 2018 research by Dotcom Distribution, 61.5 percent of customers would buy again from a company that offered free returns or exchanges, and as previously said; people are turned off by sites that make it hard to return products.

Automated creation of return labels for customers.

There are methods to make it easier for your consumers to return packages. Let’s have a look at other alternatives down below.

 Add an online return portal to your website.

You may make it easier for consumers to return products that don’t fit or that they’ve just changed their views about using an online returns gateway, such as the ShippyPro Easy Return feature. Self-service returns are available through the portal, which may be fully incorporated in your site.

It also allows you to choose which returns to accept, as they are not one-size-fits-all. You may establish return conditions, such as only accepting returns on orders that are less than 30 days old.

Enable customers to do returns and print labels.

 Customers simply enter their return information, and if it matches your requirements, they may print their returns label with a single click. Then they just connect it to their shipment and return it to you via the specified courier service.

Reduce customer service requests while collecting return information.

Customer refunds may teach you a lot. Because each client is obliged to provide the reason for their return, you can piece together a picture of why products are being returned. Is it because they don’t appear the same as they do on your site? Is this due to consumers buying various sizes to trial at home? Returns analytics may be extremely beneficial for long-term planning and marketing.

You’ll also minimize the amount of customer support inquiries from those who want to know how their order is progressing. Customers do not need to contact you to find out what they need to do with automatic returns. Return status alerts keep customers informed at every stage of the process until the return arrives and their money is released.

UPS Value-Added Services:

UPS Service Price

The Advantages of Using a Return Label

UPS Return Label can be used for a variety of purposes. One of the most common owns a firm that also handles repairs. Buyers can then submit their items to you for repair or servicing in that scenario. Neither you nor your customers are required to create the shipment repeatedly.

Another situation in which a UPS Return Label comes in handy is when dealing with returns and refunds. The program is quite basic, and the procedure of implementing it on your website is extremely simple.

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