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UPS Simple Rate: Check the comparison of Cost & Speed

UPS serves approximately 220 countries and territories worldwide, offering a variety of services such as package and freight transportation to promote international trade. The aforesaid service ensured the adoption of modern technology to successfully handle the business environment.

UPS Simple Rate enables small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to ship to any location in the United States for a flat rate utilizing UPS 2nd Day, UPS 3 Day Select, and UPS Ground services. UPS offers five price options based on box size. What is their tagline? Flexible packaging is available. The prices are reasonable.

ups simple rate size

Customers that use the UPS Simple Rate will not have to enter package weight and dimensions or seek for shipping zones. The service enables small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).The customers are utilizing their own boxes and packaging to best match their products and enhance their brand experience. UPS Simple Rate will be accessible across the United States, except for Alaska and Hawaii. UPS’ flat rate shipping option competes with FedEx, which debuted its own One Rate option in 2012, which gives a wide range of alternatives for deliveries with a money-back guarantee.

If you like USPS Priority Mail® flat rate shipping or FedEx’s One Rate flat cost shipping service, the customers have big news that UPS® offered UPS Simple Rate shipment. We will provide you with all of the details regarding this new service and discuss how all of these flat-rate options compare.

What Is a UPS Simple Rate?

Simple Rate allows you to ship to any location in the United States for a fixed cost based on package size. Simple Rate packages have a maximum weight of 50 lbs. Unlike USPS Flat Rate and FedEx One Rate, Simple Rate allows you to use your own packaging. UPS flat rate delivery is currently only accessible in the United States.

UPS announced the launch of Simple Rate, their own flat-rate services. “Easy Rate assists small companies in removing the guesswork from shipping by offering simple, fast, and transparent flat prices nationwide with guaranteed on-time delivery and no special packaging needed.” According to a press statement from UPS’s chief marketing officer.

UPS Simple Rate

You can view the five various flat rate size options offered below.

UPS Simple Rate also provides three delivery “speeds”: UPS Ground, UPS 3 Day Choosing, and UPS 2nd Day Air, with prices ranging from $8.10 to $98.50 for the maximum size and fastest speed, 2nd Day Air.

How Much Does UPS Simple Rate Cost?

The UPS Simple Rate pricing is equal to five sizes from an extremely tiny to a very large one. The following table displays the basic costs in the contiguous (lower) 48 States for Simple Rate shipping.

Prices begin for an additional small box with $8.80 and an additional big bundle with $22.85. Simple Rate prices also rely on the delivery speed you choose, including:

  1. <UPS Ground 1-5 working days
  2. The UPS 3 Day Select In 3 business days
  3. <UPS 2nd Day Air 12:00 PM on the 2nd operational day
  4. UPS Next Day Air SaverCommercial addresses must be delivered by 4:30 p.m. while residential address to deliver the same day.

It should be noted that simple rates differ from those of Alaska and Hawaii. The prices also vary with regard to whether you ship to Alaska or Hawaii.Indeed, UPS Ground Service costs about 20 dollars more for Hawaii and Alaska metro than for less than 48.

What Are UPS Flat Rate Box Sizes?

UPS Simple Rate employs five-size, extra-small and extra-wide boxes. If you want, you may also use your own packaging or boxes.Below, we discuss UPS Total inch Simple Rate Box sizes. We have included samples, for context, of what these cases can contain safely.

5-package option

  •  Extra Small – From $8.80
  • Small – From $11.50
  • Large – From $18.40
  • Extra Large – From $22.85

How Do the Flat Rate Shipping Services Compare?

UPS and USPS flat rate choices currently provide different “speed” delivery. UPS has UPS Ground , UPS 3 Day Select and UPS 2nd Day Air available. USPS provides Mail Priority and Mail Express Priority. UPS and USPS are also the only flat rate service in the United States that has the same flat charge.

When choosing a flat-rate service, make sure to take a look at all three carriers, UPS, FedEx, and USPS to determine which carriers have the lowest possible delivery costs and the fastest delivery possibilities.

Advantages of UPS Simple Rate :

No additional packing is necessary on the positive side! Shippers may utilize any box or poly mailer up to a cubic foot (1,728 cubic inches). In comparison, the FedEx flat rate has a maximum capacity of 1.452 cm and no ground delivery option. FedEx One pricing is also separated by areas and UPS is nationally flat. Additional services require shipping supplies of a single brand, but not UPS.

Advantages by using UPS simple rates

Users will also experience the additional advantage of avoiding some additional costs. In order to underline this, the fees do not include: a residential surcharge, a surcharge in the delivery area, an extension of the delivery area and a tax on gasoline.Flat cost shipping is an internet shipping go-to. But what is the perfect service for you?  The UPS flat rates may be more optional than FedEx or USPS. When choosing between flat-rate shipping services, here is something to consider:

  • Branding: UPS may ship in your own box and utilize branded packaging. • Branding options. Branding is essential in the congested eCommerce area since it helps you distinguish from rivals and promotes a memorable experience post-purchase.
  • Extra volume: Simple prices enable you to ship  larger boxes. This may be the best option if you deliver packages which are lightweight yet desire more room.
  • Consistency of costs: for traders, the prediction of costs of shipment is crucial. Simple Rate offers a pricing system flatter than FedEx One Rate which helps you to see clearly what you pay for shipping every order.

Comparison of UPS simple rate different from USPS flat rate and FedEx:

There are small but significant variations between UPS Simple Rate and other carriers’ flat rate shipping options.

Options for packaging- UPS is the only delivery company that allows you to use your own packaging for flat-rate delivery. Moreover, UPS customers who meet certain criteria can purchase, complimentary Simple Rate package through the UPS Customer Technology Program (CTP). USPS and FedEx also provide free flat rate packaging, but carrier-branded packaging detracts from the consumer experience. Packaging influences 30% of customer purchasing choices.

Customized packaging offers a memorable experience and allows you to express your brand’s individuality and main goal.

Shipment prices- UPS offers set shipping costs to any place in the continental U.S. based on size alone. Although USPS provides a countrywide flat rate, FedEx One Rate is not a single rate. Sizing and destination are taken into account—there are three target “regions” with differing shipping costs.

comparison of cost and speed

Guaranteed delivery- Best of all, UPS guarantees delivery of Simple Rate goods by the specified date or they will refund your money. The US Postal Service, but at the other hand, does not guarantee delivery, but FedEx does.

There are small but significant variations between UPS Simple Rate and other carriers’ flat rate shipping options.

The maximum weight Shippers utilizing  the UPS Simple Rate, as well as FedEx One Rate, are limited to delivering shipments weighing no more than 50 pounds. If you need to ship something bulkier, USPS Flat Rate packages are limited to 70 pounds.

Maximum output volume- UPS Simple Rate excels in volume rather than weight; boxes up to 1728 cubic inches can be transported for a set price. This is roughly twice the capacity of USPS Flat Rate boxes (900 cubic inches) and beats FedEx’s 1452 cubic inches.

Options for shipment- Customers with Simple Rate can choose from four

Customers with Simple Rate can choose from four UPS has the edge once again since FedEx One Rate exclusively employs express air services, but USPS Flat Rate shipments transit within 1-3 business days through Priority Mail.

 R e v i e w

Even though UPS Simple Rate is a flat rate shipping newcomer competing with similar offerings from USPS and FedEx, it already has some major advantages. It is a lower cost and more predictably priced option for many e-tailers, and the higher volume limit literally gives you more room to work with. Additionally, there are enough options in regards to package size and delivery speed, but it’s not overwhelming. The insurance provides peace of mind, as does the delivery guarantee.


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